1. Only camelids for which the official veterinary certificate prescribed for the show has been completed in full and for which all necessary preconditions have been fulfilled may be brought onto the event grounds.

    In addition, animals coming from another EU member state must be accompanied by a TRACES certificate. The certificates must be presented to the staff responsible for herding prior to unloading.

    Animals born at least 180 days before the start of the show are eligible to participate.

    Animals must be clearly identified by microchip or ear tag(s).

    No animals with signs of disease or animals suspected of being infected will be permitted.

    Animals must be treated with a repellent at the earliest 7 days before and at the latest on the day-of herding.

    Vehicles and containers used for the transport of exhibition animals as well as objects brought along must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected immediately before delivery.

    Herding for the alpacas will take place on Thursday from 16:00 to 20:00 and Friday from 7:30 to 9:00.

    During the event it must be ensured that every animal has access to water in sufficient quantity and quality at all times.

    Animals may not be kept tied to bars or other objects in the box or on the way to the showring.

    At the end of the show, the boxes provided for accommodation must be cleaned. Manure, food leftovers and litter must be disposed of in the container provided.

    All symptoms of illness, injuries, etc. occurring with the show animals are to be reported to the organizer immediately. The organizer will inform the responsible official veterinarian.

    The veterinary authority responsible for the venue is:

    Graz Health Department

    Department of Veterinary Affairs

    Phone +43 316 872 3281

    E-mail: veterinaerreferat@stadt.graz.at

    Mag. Lisa Schatz