How does registration work?
What about delivery and installation?
Where can I find parking spaces?
Is there WIFI on the premises?
Where can we find lodging?
What are the catering options?
How can we get listed on the website?
How do I find my stand on arrival?
Can I obtain additional materials and extras for my stand on-site?
Can I also bring my own stand?
Can I play my own music at my stand?
I’ve ordered the additional "Electricity" package - do I have to bring a distributor or cable?
How can I find out how much power my devices need?
Do I need to switch off my electrical appliances overnight?
Can I order additional lighting on site?
What should I do if the background lighting in my area fails?
Can I place exhibition furniture, clothing racks, displays, etc. in the corridor in front of my stand (outside the stand area)?
How many employee passes can I get for my stand?
Are there bags for exhibitors?
Is the exhibition area guarded at night?
Will my stand area be cleaned?
Is there an ATM at the expo?
Will there be Internet access?
Can I bring a dog or other pets?
Can I conduct promotional activities on the premises?