Alpacas cause massive crowds at the Graz trade fair

Around 200 alpacas from Austria, Germany, and Italy inspire the visitors of the International Alpaca Show. More than 30 breeders present their animals to alpaca judge Paul Garland from New Zealand and, of course, to the visitors.

It’s likely the direct contact with these enchanting Andes natives that makes this event so interesting for visitors. When one leads an alpaca or a llama through an obstacle course, all seems right in the world. Music from the Andes, the finest alpaca fashion, and numerous products and novelties related to alpacas invite visitors to linger. A total of 7 alpaca queens in the finest alpaca dirndls hosted exhibitors and guests.

Thomas Pötsch, President of the ÖAZV, and his team were delighted that the number of visitors increased by an additional 10%. The number of trade exhibitors also rose by more than 30%.

Alpakaland’s Steffen Krämer from Germany won this round’s international breeding competition. The 4-year-old stud Nanuk was voted best animal of the show due to his well-balanced overall package